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You just might be the best in the business – anywhere. No flattery – just observation. We look forward to opportunities to recommend you to friends. We could not have had a more blessed trip – or Christmas. God is so faithful, and so mindful of our needs and we love Him dearly. Than you again from the bottom of our hearts for your gift of care.

Bob and Stevie…Jack, Ozona


Thank you very much for taking such good care of Nina and Winnie!  I’m so glad Winnie didn’t hide; I knew you wouldn’t see Nina. It’s very comforting to know they were in such good hands.  I look forward to using your service again on my next trip.

Lisa…Winnie and Nina, Dunedin


Just wanted to thank you and let you know how much we all appreciate you.  You are so professional and Smokey & Jasmine said they loved you.
Thank you again so very much for making our trip more possible and for being there for Smokey and Jasmine.  Smokey must know you now.  He always hides from everyone, so I am glad he knows you are his friend herunterladen.
Mary and Joe…Smokey and Jasmine, Dunedin

Thank you so much for taking such good care of my kitties!! Thank you for the water bowl – it’s adorable. And, I really enjoyed the daily updates. I will definitely give you a call the next time we go out of town.

Rhonda…Jade & Chevy, Palm Harbor


My trip was so much more enjoyable because you were in charge back home. It means a lot to have a dependable, caring cat sitter. Thank you so much.

Alice…Keyes, Dunedin

I do not travel that often, but when I do, my biggest worry is leaving my fur boys behind. I would try to work things out with friend’s schedules, but always felt guilty about asking them to care for my cats. Then I discovered Michelle apple fotos aus icloud herunterladen! Now I know someone will check on them twice a day – feed them and give them TLC.

Last winter, I was stranded up north in a blizzard for four days and she took over the extra days without a problem! She even moved things in my apartment (including the cats) when the chimney cleaners came to clean. Cooper and Mickey always seem relaxed when I return – and they agree: Hiring Michelle was a great idea!!!

Pat…Mickey & Cooper, Palm Harbor

Peace of mind, peace of mind, peace of mind. That pretty much sums up affordable cat sitters and Michelle.  We have used Michelle numerous times now and would recommend her to anyone.

We are extremely happy to have found affordable cat sitters and love not having to worry about a thing when we travel away from home.  We know that she will give our cats great attention each day and always brings them some special treats as well.  Awesome service, worth every penny.

Andrew & Heather…Nokie & Friskie, Palm Harbor

I thank you so much, as my cats are always fine when I return home bim modellen downloaden. I like your new log sheets. Just love your great service! I can’t thank you enough for your great care of my cats and thanks for watering my plants. I didn’t expect to be gone so long. The cats look wonderful and are very playful. Thanks again. You are so great and I appreciate it.

Jane…Bella & Lucky, Dunedin

Thank you for taking good care of the kitties. They were so content when we returned!

Barbara and Jim…Bradley and Tinker, Palm Harbor

I don’t know what I’d do without Affordable Cat Sitters! When my adult female had a litter of three and I had to feed them twice a day, Michelle made sure to give me two appointments per day while I was out of town. My kittens had special needs too…..they were being bottle fed, and she expertly kept everyone well fed and happy! My home is always clean and in perfect order when I return and I get a full report on her daily activities download adobe acrobat pro for free. I wholeheartedly recommend Affordable Cat Sitters services!

Dori… Aby, Cleo and Jellybean, Tarpon Springs

Affordable Cat Sitters…we go away with peace of mind knowing our boys are well taken care of…they are fed, played with, cleaned up after, and enjoyed!

The boys say, “Affordable Cat Sitters give the BEST care around. Two paws up!”
Ginger and Rick…Sean and Sparky, Palm Harbor

I am pleased to recommend Affordable Cat Sitters for your pet sitting needs. We have used Affordable Cat Sitters for the past four years and we have always been pleased with the dependable and caring service that Michelle and Evan provided. We know we can depend upon them to take good care of our kitties’ needs. The daily log that Michelle and Evan write of our kitties’ adventures while we were away is such a joy to read upon our return. As an added bonus, they will take in our mail and it’s good to know that our home is being checked while we are away and that they will alert us of any problems how to windows 10 for free. We take great comfort in leaving our pets and our home in the safe and caring hands of Affordable Cat Sitters.

Chris and Jarine, and our kitties… Luigi, Cutie Pie, Crabby, Moo, Vinny, Sophia, Mario, Junior, and dearly departed Guido, Tarpon Springs

Thank you Michelle. I was able to enjoy my family vacation without worrying about Lulubelle, Darrell and Darrell. I came home to clean litter boxes and happy, well fed and content kitties. Your service is wonderful! I will be calling again! P.S. The fees were very reasonable – I’d expect to pay much more for your service.

Katie… Lulubelle, Darrell and Darrell, Tarpon Springs

I have been using Michelle Kaufmann’s Affordable Cat Sitters for almost a decade and I can recommend her with absolutely no hesitancy. She is a kind, compassionate, honest, attentive and dedicated business woman whose love of animals is apparent in everything she does. She is like family and since my three cats are the ones who have spent the most time with her, I’ve asked them to provide their input into this testimonial. From Murphy, age 14: “I love to be groomed and Mama Michelle spends a lot of time brushing me.” From Keaton, age 14: “Mama Michelle saved my life app downloaden loewe tv! She noticed that I wasn’t feeling well and she got me to the doctor immediately.” From Annabel, age 10: “I love my treats and Mama Michelle makes sure I have all that my mother will allow.”

So there you have it — one satisfied human and three happy felines who just can’t say enough about Michelle Kaufmann and Affordable Cat Sitters.

Dottie… Murphy, Keaton, and Annabel, Palm Harbor

Michelle has been taking care of my cat, Sabrina, for approximately 2 yrs. and has been so loving, patient and kind towards her. Sabrina is part feral and very timid around strangers. In fact, under my bed is her “safe” spot. Over time Sabrina has taken to Michelle so much that she now lets Michelle brush and comb her and the best of all…HOLD HER. Sabrina is 10 yrs. old and Michelle is the only person, other than myself, that Sabrina will allow to pick her up. That, in and of itself, is the best testimonial I can give as to why Michelle is so very special. I do not worry about Sabrina when I go away, for I know she is in very good hands with Michelle download iphone. Sabrina and I are grateful and honored to have Michelle in our lives.”

Kathy… and Sabrina, Tarpon Springs

We have had the pleasure of using the services of Affordable Cat Sitters and Michelle many times both for short and long durations and have never been disappointed. We have six cats with varying personalities, from shy and reserved to outgoing and very people oriented and they all adore Michelle and come to her, she truly has a way with cats. We are very impressed with her daily notes and attention to details, her meticulous nature and the individual time she devotes to each cat giving them tender loving care. We have one cat that loves to drink from faucets and she takes the extra time to attend to his need for that whenever she is here and he requests it. We have always returned home to find our house well cared for and our cats healthy, happy and content. Thanks to Michelle, when we have to leave home either for business or pleasure; we leave feeling confident that we have trusted the care of our cats to a highly knowledgeable, trusted and caring professional herunterladen. Thanks Michelle!

Liz and Jim… Sputty, Hillary, Renee, George, Frank and Jack, Palm Harbor

Affordable Cat Sitters is a wonderful and trusting service that allows me to go away on vacation while easing my mind that my pets are left in good hands — almost the same as my being there. They provide the care and, especially, the TLC that my Siamese cats need.

Marilyn… Blu Boy (and In Memory of Willow), East Lake

Michelle with Affordable Cat Sitters are the best! They have been sitting our two precious Orientals for several years now and no one could ask for better care. We miss our “babies” terribly when we are away, but I never worry about them at all. I know they are well cared for. They go beyond dependable and reliable; they track you down when your garage is full of water!

Sybil… Beau and Belle, Countryside

I always feel terrible when the time comes to leave Baxter, but it is much easier for us since we have Affordable Cat Sitters come for daily visits while we’re away. Baxter gets plenty of T.L.C. and playtime. I wouldn’t think of having anyone else taking care of Baxter when we’re gone and going has become much easier for us visual studio 2013 express for free. Thanks so much to Affordable Cat Sitters for everything.

Caren, Gordon… and Baxter, Lansbrook

Michelle at Affordable Cat Sitter’s has ‘visited’ Rosco for over two years. I travel with my job so she is basically Rosco’s 2nd mom. The fact that I can always depend on Michelle to be here when scheduled, never worry if Rosco is ok, and the little extra’s she does makes her a huge asset to my busy life. I highly recommend Michelle with soaring colors.

Vicki… and Rosco, Indian Bluff Island

Affordable Cat Sitters provides a wonderful service. The personal notes from each visit are a comfort and joy to read. We know our “fuzzy” babies are in good hands when we are away.

Carolyn and Brendan… Clarence, Daisy and Skip, Dunedin

We have used Affordable Cat Sitters many years for innumerable visits. We come home to a happy, relaxed baby. We would never want to board our cat. Michelle is a natural with cats. She is calm and relaxed.  She not only takes care of the litter box and food, she spends time playing with our cat Precious herunterladen. We get great peace of mind knowing she is in our home twice a day not only looking after our baby, but making sure there are no problems within our home such as leaks, power outage, etc.. We feel very blessed and lucky to have Michelle in our lives.       
Rita and Gene…Precious, Countryside

Michelle – Thanks so much for taking such good care of Buddy.

Rik and Helen…Buddy, Dunedin



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